Sunday, 26 September 2010

Better Beware.

Watch out for the wildest surf-breaker ever to hit
the shores of your salined
amorous heart.

It drags a mountainous charge of unused time
which built an extensive load from
abrasive frustration

Meets with appetite, swallows need whole, molds
fate with far-from sedate desire and creates
internal combustion.

Caught now in weed's slow undertow, it will break,
flood and submerge any recall of
perfunctory yesterdays.

No sea will contain all the infused fervour of wild
highwave's overdue roll-call for
ecstatic excitement.

Look out for the star-rated roller which suddenly
bursts into overdrive and whets expectation
with rare wanton energy.

It provides a once-in-a-lifetime deepdown thrill,
better beware and board as it approaches,
or it will be sure to explode


  1. A wonderful and innovative piece, Fay. I love you oceanic metaphors and this is no exception.